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In today's fast-paced news and political world, liberal buzz words often take the place of objective facts, in order to twist and bend talking points into reality. Deneen Borelli cuts through the rhetoric to give you a fresh and honest conservative take on the hot topics of the day.
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Jul 26, 2017
While Democrats and the left-wing media are overplaying the Russia card, the Democrat Party is experiencing branding and messaging problems.
Democrats campaigned on an anti-Trump message and continue to go after President Trump by discrediting him and with threats of investigations and impeachment.
Public opinion polls show Americans view Democrats in political terms, not on policy, and only a small percent of Americans think the Russia collision story is important.
The Democrat Party knows they are in trouble and are now trying to rebrand the party while distancing itself from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer admits the failures of the party and is promoting the rebranding effort to offer up “a better deal” for their base.


Jul 17, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's health care bill is a disaster and it proves the vast majority of Republicans are comfortable with tinkering with ObamaCare and not repealing it. 

The bill will keep some taxes and it provides a $200 billion bailout for insurance companies making the Republican Party the party of taxes and bailouts. 

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has surfaced as the leading critic of the bill.  Paul is critical of the taxes and the insurance company bailout and is pointing out the bill does not end the death spiral but subsidizes it.

Paul is trying to address the death spiral issue caused by individual plans by allowing individuals to associate in groups which would give the bigger pool of individuals lower insurance rates.  

An idea by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) that would allow insurance companies to offer a number of different health plans in addition to the regulated ObamaCare plan is meeting resistance from insurance companies. 

According to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, the bill would increase the premium of an individual benchmark plan by 20 percent in 2018.

Taxes, bailouts, and higher premiums will become the Republican brand which will likely have dire consequences for the party during the 2018 midterm elections. 


Jul 12, 2017
The left continues their obsession with Russia while ignoring new details of former FBI Director James Comey’s leaked memos.
A New York Times story that Donald Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer last June ignited a media frenzy. Trump agreed to the meeting on the premise that he was going to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.
The Russian lawyer did not provide any meaningful information about Clinton and there's no evidence the meeting resulted in collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
Meanwhile, more details surfaced about former FBI Director James Comey’s leaked memos about his meetings with President Trump which may include classified and secret information.
In this edition of “The Buzz,” we discuss Donald Trump Jr's emails and the meeting with the Russian lawyer, the new troubles for former FBI Director James Comey and what it means for him. 
Jul 4, 2017
Since the Russia collusion effort is losing steam, Democrats are finding new and creative ways to challenge President Trump. 

Democrats are now trying to remove President Trump from office by using two parts of the Constitution.

Maryland Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin is spearheading an effort to leverage the 25th Amendment against President Trump. 

The 25th Amendment establishes a way to remove a president from office if they are “unable to discharge the powers and duties.”

Raskin introduced a bill that would create an “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity” to assess if President Trump is mentally incapacitated. 

The bill has gained support from over 20 Democrats.

The other effort is based on the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution.

The clause prohibits officeholders from accepting gifts, office or title "from any king, prince or foreign state."  

D.C. Attorneys General Karl Racine and Maryland Attorneys General Brian Frosh filed a lawsuit against President Trump alleging payments by foreign governments that went to his businesses violated the Constitution’s anti-corruption clause.

In this edition of "The Buzz," we are going to discuss how the Democrats are trying to use the 25th Amendment and the Emoluments Clause to remove President Trump from office.


Jun 28, 2017
The obsession of Democrats and the left-wing media with the unsubstantiated claims regarding President Trump and associates colluding with Russia is backfiring.  

CNN retracted a news story that falsely claimed a Senate Committee was investigating a member of President Trump's transition team and three employees associated with the story resigned. 

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is under scrutiny and facing a Congressional investigation to find out if she tried to protect Hillary Clinton during her email investigation. 

Public opinion polls are finding Americans increasingly feel Democrats are extreme and almost two-thirds think the Russia investigations are harming the U.S. 

In this episode of "The Buzz," we are going to discuss the Russia story backfiring on Democrats and why it spells big problems for the left going forward. 


Jun 20, 2017

Last week a left-wing gunman attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.


The gunman was a left-winger and a Bernie Sanders presidential campaign volunteer that harbored extreme negative feelings against Republicans and President Trump. 


Propaganda pushed by Democrats and the left-wing media about Republicans and their political agenda appeared to push the gunman over the edge. 


Tragically, following the attempted assassinations the left-wing media continues to attack Republicans.  


In this episode of "The Buzz," we discuss the shooting, why it happened, what’s needed to stop the madness and why, unfortunately, it’s not going to stop.

Jun 13, 2017
President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are making strides in draining the Washington D.C. swamp.

Both men initiated important steps to challenge the power and money in Washington.

Trump’s decision to fire James Comey as FBI head was important. 

Comey’s testimony showed his primary interest was in keeping his job and that he would do anything to do so.  

When Comey was pressured to change the label of the Hillary Clinton email investigation from an investigation to a “matter” he obeyed.

Comey also orchestrated a damaging New York Times story about Trump by leaking a memo of a conversation he had with the president.    

Attorney General Jeff Sessions took a major step in turning off funds that went to community activist groups. 
Sessions ended the practice where companies were required to send millions of dollars to non-profit organizations including community activist groups as part of settlements from federal lawsuits. 
It's a big swamp but Trump and Sessions have started the process to drain it. 





Jun 6, 2017
President Trump made a bold decision to have the U.S. exit the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement and 
kept a campaign promise to leave the deal that President Obama signed in 2016.

Despite significant pressure to remain in the international agreement, Trump made the decision to leave because it was

a bad deal for the U.S. 

Under the agreement, the U.S. committed to cut about 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 from 2005 levels while China does

not have to reduce emissions until 2030.  
Additionally, the U.S. agreed to provide $3 billion to a green climate fund to help developing nations meet their reduction limits. 
The regulations on our energy infrastructure required to meet the U.S. commitment would come at a huge cost to our economy and jobs. 
Trump's decision is consistent with his keep America first promise.  



May 30, 2017
Media Matters is trying to get Sean Hannity off the air by targeting companies that advertise on his programs. 
Progressive activists are using a list to urge the advertisers to stop sponsorship of Hannity's programs. 
Some companies are bowing under pressure and announced they will stop advertising. 
The progressive mob is out to destroy the business model of news and radio programs that they don’t like. Without advertising dollars, there will be no money to support programming. 
Instead of trying to beat conservatives with more liberal speech, the left is choosing to silence the opposition through intimidation. 
In this episode of "The Buzz," we discuss progressive activist's effort to silence conservatives and voices they can’t control, why this issue is important and what you can do to stop it. 
May 23, 2017
President Trump's first international trip is dominating the news cycle and driving the liberal media and Democrat political operatives nuts.
Trump’s trip changed the media’s focus to international affairs and away from the Russian allegations and James Comey stories that were relentlessly covered by the media.

The negative news coverage was dominating nationwide headlines, harming Trump's public opinion and threatening his agenda.
For Trump, this trip could not have come at a better time. 
The media is forced to cover Trump's trip and in most cases live breaking news, allowing Trump to deliver his message unfiltered. 
Obama loyalists and the media are trying to minimize Trump’s trip but some anti-Trump outlets, such as the New York Times, actually made positive comments about the president 
While there is some valid criticism of some of Trump's Middle East policies, overall the trip is a huge success because it is generating positive news and images for the president at an important time. 
May 17, 2017
President Trump is at war with the left-wing media and they are doing everything they can to destroy him. 
Trump is fighting a multi-prong war - he is fighting the media, the Democrats, squishy Republicans and Deep State intelligence community bureaucrats that want to make him look bad.  
Over the past week, there were media firestorms over two issues.
The first round of media outrage surrounded Trump's decision to fire FBI head James Comey.
Regarding Comey, two major news organizations, The New York Times and The Washington Post, published stories that were wrong. 
More recently, the second round of media outrage involved Trump's meeting with Russian officials in the White House where The Washington Post reported the president gave classified information about an ISIS terrorist effort to the foreign government.
The media claimed Trump's actions were dangerous because Russia could connect the dots and determine the sources and methods of the intelligence that provided the information. 
Moreover, the media claimed U.S. allies would be reluctant to share information with the U.S. because they would not trust Trump.
That claim is false. The world needs the U.S for protection and Israel - the country reported having provided the U.S. with the information on ISIS - said it has full confidence in the U.S. under Trump.
Media outrage over national security is highly selective. Obama was not slammed by the media for undercutting our allies or our national security when he gave Iran $1.7 billion in cash and gold.
The media was not outraged over Hillary Clinton jeopardizing U.S national security when she set up a private home email system. 
The vested power interests in Washington, D.C. are doing everything they can to undermine Trump and his political agenda. 
May 9, 2017
Shortly after the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, Democrats and the media demonized the Republican health care plan.
Democrats made wild claims about the dire consequences of the plan including death while the media trumpeted those unfounded claims.
The left-wing political media alliance focused their guns on the waiver that would allow states to address individuals with pre-existing health conditions.
In reality, the bill allows those with pre-existing conditions to be charged more for insurance if they didn't have health care insurance for more than 63 days and under that circumstance, that would occur for only one year. 
Moreover, these individuals would be put into a risk pool where federal dollars would subsidize the additional costs.
The media also failed to describe that Republicans are trying to address ObamaCare because it is a marketplace failure with insurance companies abandoning the state exchanges.
Democrats are attacking the Republican plan to generate public opinion against it and to politicize the new health care plan to win seats in the 2018 election.
The Republican plan has many problems including unknown costs and it's only a modification of ObamaCare, but claiming it will kill people is outrageous and irresponsible. 
May 2, 2017

Polls and news analysis show President Trump is winning the war against the media.


The reason is simple - the media just like Democrats are out of touch with Americans. 


Over the weekend Trump hosted a rally in Pennsylvania to thank his supporters and to celebrate his 100-day milestone in office.

During the rally, Trump blasted the media and the attendees cheered his criticism.


In contrast, the elite media met at a Washington D.C. hotel for the White House Correspondents' Dinner to party among themselves.

Trump was the first president since Ronald Reagan not to attend the annual correspondents' dinner.




The media is out of touch with Americans because they live and work in blue states and see the world in the same way.






While the media and the Democrat party work in their bubble, President Trump rallies his supporters against the biased media.

Apr 25, 2017
A new ABC News/Washington Post poll had shocking results for Democrats and their media allies. 
Despite intense attacks from Democrats and the media, the poll found Trump would beat Hillary Clinton if the election was held today. 
Trump is keeping his base support -- 96 percent of Trump voters would still vote for him today and only 2 percent regret supporting him. 
The worst news for Democrats was the finding that 67 percent feel Democrats are out of touch with the concerns of Americans, representing a 19 percent increase since 2014.
The left wing attack against Trump is backfiring because Americans are rejecting progressive policies and Democrat spokespeople, including Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters. 
Unless Democrats make a radical change in course, they will continue to lose elections, big league. 


Apr 18, 2017
The media is at it again by playing politics with its news coverage. 

Over the weekend, the media gave the political left significant news coverage about the tax day protests that called for President Trump to release his tax returns. 

Critics of Trump, such as Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Hollywood elites, were quoted blasting the president over his taxes.

Meanwhile, the media is failing to cover the success of Trump's efforts to combat illegal migrants. 

Trump's efforts to secure the border is causing a significant drop in individuals willing to cross the southern border.

In addition, the number of illegal migrants caught crossing the border is at a 17 year low and the number of arrests of illegal aliens is over 30 percent higher than last year. 

The media continues to play an active role in promoting negative views of Trump while ignoring his accomplishments. 
Apr 11, 2017
President Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield in response to a chemical attack ordered by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad against civilians. 
Surprisingly, Trump's action received a positive response from leading Democrats including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
The usually hostile media also supported Trump's action. 
The missile strike exposed a number of lies from the Obama administration regarding Syria and its chemical weapons. 
After Syria crossed Obama's red line by using chemical weapons against civilians in 2013, President Obama struck a deal with Russia to make sure chemical weapons were removed from Syria. 
A number of Obama administration officials touted the "success" of getting Syria to get rid of their chemical weapons. 
Former Secretary of State John Kerry and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice bragged about how the U.S. got Syria to eliminate their chemical weapons without force. 
The recent chemical attack in Syria showed the Obama plan failed and exposed the assurances from the former president's team as lies. 
Apr 4, 2017
Democrats are trying to delegitimize the Trump presidency by claiming Russia helped him get elected. 

The key to the Democrat narrative is that members of Trump’s campaign team coordinated efforts with Russia to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. 

Congressional Committees are investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and leaks of classified information about Trump and his administration. 

Democrats and their media allies are attacking House Intelligence Committee head Devin Nunes to undermine his credibility and to distract the public from the serious issue of the intelligence community leaking classified information. 

Nunes discovered information about Trump team members was gathered via incidental collection and individual's names were unmasked and distributed to various government intelligence agencies. 

News reports identified former national security advisor Susan Rice as the person that unmasked Trump team members. 

The involvement of Susan Rice in unmasking Trump team members brings the investigation to the former Obama White House. 
Mar 29, 2017
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) pulled the American Health Care Act from the House floor because it did not have enough votes to pass. 
The legislation failed because it was a bad bill. It was not a full repeal of ObamaCare and it did not include the free market reforms needed to drive down the cost of health insurance for Americans
Ryan also made rookie mistakes in engineering the bill through the House of Representatives
The Speaker tried to push the bill through without engaging Freedom Caucus members.
Predictably, the left-wing media celebrated President Trump's first legislative defeat and claimed his presidency was essentially over 
President Trump needs to make sure Ryan includes Freedom Caucus members first before advancing legislation 
Mar 22, 2017
The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the American Health Care Act on Thursday.
The bill is disappointing since it is not a full repeal of ObamaCare which breaks the campaign promise made by Republicans.
The legislation is a mix of Republican ideas and ObamaCare elements.
Importantly,  according to the Congressional Budget Office, health care premiums will go up between 15 percent to 20 percent above current rates over its first two years. 
To be successful, Republicans need a plan that drives down costs for American families. 
Also troubling is the Republican plan is a three step process that requires regulatory changes and new legislation.  The latter elements will face court challenges and Democrat resistance in the Senate. 
The conservative members of the Freedom Caucus must block the bill to keep their promise to voters that helped elect them and gave Republicans control of the federal government. 
If the Freedom Caucus caves they will own a heath care bill that violates their principles and will deal a devastating blow to voters that counted on them to advance small government policies.  
Mar 15, 2017

The progressive media continues to hammer the administration to discredit President Trump’s credibility in order to undermine his presidency.


At the White House press briefings the media keeps demanding proof from Trump regarding his claim that former President Obama wiretapped phones at Trump Tower during the election. 


The media uses the wiretapping issue as a springboard to challenge Trump's credibility on other issues including the recent unemployment report and the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Republican health care plan.  


Regarding the unemployment report, the media asked why should Trump be trusted when he was critical of the unemployment numbers in the past but after a bullish jobs report the president used them as proof of the success of his economic policy. 


In addition, the media is also challenging the credibility of other administration officials including White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.


The media is trying to build a case that Americans shouldn't trust Trump or members of his administration. 

Mar 8, 2017

President Trump’s tweet accusing former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower phones ignited a backlash from Democrats and the media Democrats and the media are promoting the Russian connection to discredit Trump and undermine his presidency Leading Democrats and the left wing media slammed Trump and demanded evidence of his claim and also complained that Trump is responsible for the public loss of faith in institutions Behind the claimed wiretapping are concerns that Trump and his campaign were coordinating efforts with Russians to make sure Hillary Clinton was not elected In the haste to connect Trump and his team to the Russians, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Claire McCaskill were caught lying about meeting with the Russian ambassador In addition, the left-wing media is ignoring the pattern of spying that occurred under President Obama. During his presidency, the Obama administration spied on journalists and allies including Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel The left-wing attacks against Trump exposes the hypocrisy of Democrats and their media allies

Mar 1, 2017

In addition to Fake News, there are Fake Protests and Fake Social Media posts all designed to mislead Americans about President Trump and his policies for America.


Two left-wing advocacy groups, Organizing for Action and Indivisible, provided materials for activists to aggressively challenge Republican Congressmen during town hall meetings. 


The advocacy was successful in creating numerous news stories about "constituents" challenging Trump's policies including ObamaCare. 


Social media is also infected with fake profiles and comments. 


An analysis of Facebook posts by a digital expert concluded that a group of individuals is being paid to support ObamaCare on Facebook. 


In a recent interview, President Trump accused former President Obama of supporting the anti-Trump advocacy campaigns. 





Feb 21, 2017

Senator McCain generated national headlines by criticizing President Trump over the president’s comments about the left-wing media. 


On NBC's "Meet the Press," McCain twisted Trump's critical comments about the media to claim the president wants to shut down free speech. 


McCain also compared Trump's admonishment of the media to a strategy used by dictators. 


Earlier in the week, McCain said the Trump administration was in "disarray" at a meeting in Germany. 


By attacking Trump, McCain will be the go-to Republican to provide critical comments about the president. 


McCain's anti-Trump effort was challenged by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). 


Paul blasted McCain's senate record regarding foreign affairs and attributed the senator's criticism to a personal dispute between McCain and Trump.


Going forward, look for the media to use McCain as a vehicle to generate dissension among Republicans and hamper Trump's political goals.

Feb 14, 2017
Over the weekend Senator Al Franken (D-MN) appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” and claimed that some of his Republican colleagues in the senate feel Trump is mentally unstable. 
Franken repeated that claim on CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper.  
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made similar remarks on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”   
In each interview, the hosts did not challenge the severe accusations that were made by the senators.
Left-wing politicians are colluding with the liberal media to create a negative image of Trump in order to damage the public's perception of the president. 
Similarly, NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" is trying to discredit Trump and his White House staff. 
The show portrayed White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway as a deranged woman in a skit based on the movie Fatal Attraction. 
Outraged over the Trump presidency, Democrats and their media allies are resorting to character assignation. 
Feb 8, 2017

The love affair between President Trump and some big businesses is over.

Not long ago Silicon Valley CEOs met with President Trump signaling a truce following the election.

Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook representatives all met with President Trump when previously, these companies supported Hillary Clinton.

However, Trump's Executive Order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-dominated countries and a ban of Syrian refugees prompted these CEOs to challenge the president's extreme vetting plan.  


Trump’s Executive Order was blocked by a judge in Washington State and the CEOs filed amicus briefs supporting the temporary restraining order.

Starbucks CEO is also critical of Trump's executive order. In a letter to his employees, Schultz slammed Trump's policies including the president's extreme vetting effort.

By taking public action against Trump these CEOs are exposing their companies to public backlash.

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