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In today's fast-paced news and political world, liberal buzz words often take the place of objective facts, in order to twist and bend talking points into reality. Deneen Borelli cuts through the rhetoric to give you a fresh and honest conservative take on the hot topics of the day.
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Jan 27, 2016

A small number of black Hollywood celebrities including Spike Lee, Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and activist Al Sharpton are upset because of the absence of minority actor nominations by the academy for the second consecutive year.

Because of their perceived racial bias against blacks they are calling for a boycott of the academy awards ceremony.

The pressure from these individuals is making host Chris Rock address this issue during the award ceremony and causing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to alter the criteria for future nominees.

In episode 7 of “The Buzz,” Deneen challenges the claims of racial bias and how this issue is finding its way into the presidential campaigns

Jan 20, 2016

Political news continues to dominate the media.


Judging by the top Google searches about the Democrat debate Hillary Clinton has significant problems. The top Google searches about Clinton were focused on her legal issues while the top searches on Bernie Sanders were general inquires about him and his candidacy.

The polling results in the first two primaries show Clinton’s email scandal is having an impact.

Regarding the GOP race for president, Governor Chris Christie’s definitive rebuttal to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) were shown to be false, exposing the governor as a convincing liar. Also in the GOP contest, the fight between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is heating up.

Cruz is directly challenging Trump with respect to his prior support of TARP and President Obama’s stimulus plan while Trump picked up a huge endorsement from Sarah Palin.

In addition to these topics in episode 6 of “The Buzz,” Deneen discusses her story on Medicaid expansion and Tom’s recent commentary on Obama’s State of the Union.

Jan 15, 2016

The Fox Business Network’s GOP debate from North Charleston, SC fit its billing as a passionate debate between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). The debate included  many memorable exchanges on important issues between the two leading candidates. 

Both Trump and Cruz did very well and time will tell how their respective performances impacted voters. 

Cruz skillfully handled the issue raised by Trump about his citizenship as well as a NY Times article about a loan Cruz got from Goldman Sachs for his 2012 senate campaign. 

By showing a softer side, Trump won the exchange regarding his New York values that Cruz raised about the leading candidate. 

Governor Chris Christie and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) also had memorable moments on issues and exchanges between them. 

Deneen gives her insights, observations and reactions to the GOP debate from North Charleston, SC. 

Jan 13, 2016

The latest polls have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a very tight race in the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. Clinton’s failure to take a commanding lead could be tied to the overall mood of the country where Americans are distrustful of politicians and feel that too many are in politics to serve themselves and not the public interest. 

Clinton’s decision to create her own email system is an example of serving personal interest over national interest. 

Adding to that backdrop is the never ending controversy surrounding Clinton’s emails where the latest incident revealed she asked a staffer to send classified information over a nonsecure system. The FBI is also looking into the possibility of public corruption charges surrounding the connection between State Department giving favorable decisions to Clinton Foundation donors. 

Jan 6, 2016

Deneen describes the backlash from the left-wing activists from her recent Fox News debate regarding the armed protesters at a national wildlife building in Oregon. The left was outraged over Deneen's analysis that attributed the protest to longstanding friction between ranchers and farmers and the federal government that owns a significant amount of land in the Western states. 


Deneen's views conflicted with the left-wing narrative about the Oregon protest that focused on a double standard regarding the way the protesters at the wildlife refuge are being treated by law enforcement and the media and the way they believe blacks and Muslims would be treated if they protested in a similar way. 


Unfortunately, the confusion caused by the left by using the race card is distracting attention away from a common feature experienced by Western ranchers and blacks; the unfairness and unaccountability of government bureaucracies.