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In today's fast-paced news and political world, liberal buzz words often take the place of objective facts, in order to twist and bend talking points into reality. Deneen Borelli cuts through the rhetoric to give you a fresh and honest conservative take on the hot topics of the day.
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Dec 28, 2016

During his last days in office, President Obama is doing as much as possible to advance his left-wing agenda.

Obama allowed a United Nations Security Council resolution that condemns Israeli settlement activity to pass by not vetoing it.

The resolution classifies Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as illegal and calls for Israel to stop building in these areas.

Israel is convinced the U.S. pushed the measure behind the scenes after Donald Trump had Egypt drop the idea of offering the resolution.

The U.N. resolution adds fuel to critics of Israel and complicates negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians over disputed lands.

With this action, Obama solidifies his anti-Israel legacy that previously included allowing Iran to build nuclear weapons and disrespecting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  

Dec 20, 2016
First Lady Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey Americans are now feeling hopeless
Michelle couldn't be more wrong
President-elect Donald Trump gives our country hope 
Coal miners and millions of Americans suffering under ObamaCare have hope that Trump will deliver on his promises
Law enforcement and our military have hope that they will have support from the White House
Inner city children also have hope with school choice for a better education



It's morning in America




Dec 13, 2016

Democrats and the media are good at controlling the narrative and going on offense to defend their progressive agenda.

Since losing the presidential election the left is now declaring "fake news" as the reason for Donald Trump's victory.

Their goal is to delegitimize Trump and put conservative news outlets out of business by going after their advertisers.

Kellogg's recent decision to pull advertising from is an example of their end game.

Following the "fake news" controversy, major corporations are now looking into where their ads appear on websites.

With very little trust in the media, the public is interested in alternative vehicles for news but Democrats are out to end competition.

Dec 7, 2016
The volatile political and social environment in the U.S. has accelerated following Donald Trump's victory. 
Signs of anti-patriotism are sweeping the country from San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem to protesters taking to the streets following Trump's victory.
Hampshire College students expressed outrage following Trump's win,  demanding the removal of the American flag after it was burned. 
After flag-waving protesters drew attention to the college's anti-American expression, Hampshire reversed its decision.  
Breitbart news launched a boycott targeting Kellogg's after the company pulled its ads from the news website. 
Every institution is now at risk - say or do something that alienates conservative values and there will be a backlash.
Patriotic Americans are taking a stand against liberal ideology and actions by everyday Americas are having an impact.