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In today's fast-paced news and political world, liberal buzz words often take the place of objective facts, in order to twist and bend talking points into reality. Deneen Borelli cuts through the rhetoric to give you a fresh and honest conservative take on the hot topics of the day.
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Mar 29, 2017
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) pulled the American Health Care Act from the House floor because it did not have enough votes to pass. 
The legislation failed because it was a bad bill. It was not a full repeal of ObamaCare and it did not include the free market reforms needed to drive down the cost of health insurance for Americans
Ryan also made rookie mistakes in engineering the bill through the House of Representatives
The Speaker tried to push the bill through without engaging Freedom Caucus members.
Predictably, the left-wing media celebrated President Trump's first legislative defeat and claimed his presidency was essentially over 
President Trump needs to make sure Ryan includes Freedom Caucus members first before advancing legislation 
Mar 22, 2017
The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the American Health Care Act on Thursday.
The bill is disappointing since it is not a full repeal of ObamaCare which breaks the campaign promise made by Republicans.
The legislation is a mix of Republican ideas and ObamaCare elements.
Importantly,  according to the Congressional Budget Office, health care premiums will go up between 15 percent to 20 percent above current rates over its first two years. 
To be successful, Republicans need a plan that drives down costs for American families. 
Also troubling is the Republican plan is a three step process that requires regulatory changes and new legislation.  The latter elements will face court challenges and Democrat resistance in the Senate. 
The conservative members of the Freedom Caucus must block the bill to keep their promise to voters that helped elect them and gave Republicans control of the federal government. 
If the Freedom Caucus caves they will own a heath care bill that violates their principles and will deal a devastating blow to voters that counted on them to advance small government policies.  
Mar 15, 2017

The progressive media continues to hammer the administration to discredit President Trump’s credibility in order to undermine his presidency.


At the White House press briefings the media keeps demanding proof from Trump regarding his claim that former President Obama wiretapped phones at Trump Tower during the election. 


The media uses the wiretapping issue as a springboard to challenge Trump's credibility on other issues including the recent unemployment report and the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Republican health care plan.  


Regarding the unemployment report, the media asked why should Trump be trusted when he was critical of the unemployment numbers in the past but after a bullish jobs report the president used them as proof of the success of his economic policy. 


In addition, the media is also challenging the credibility of other administration officials including White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.


The media is trying to build a case that Americans shouldn't trust Trump or members of his administration. 

Mar 8, 2017

President Trump’s tweet accusing former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower phones ignited a backlash from Democrats and the media Democrats and the media are promoting the Russian connection to discredit Trump and undermine his presidency Leading Democrats and the left wing media slammed Trump and demanded evidence of his claim and also complained that Trump is responsible for the public loss of faith in institutions Behind the claimed wiretapping are concerns that Trump and his campaign were coordinating efforts with Russians to make sure Hillary Clinton was not elected In the haste to connect Trump and his team to the Russians, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Claire McCaskill were caught lying about meeting with the Russian ambassador In addition, the left-wing media is ignoring the pattern of spying that occurred under President Obama. During his presidency, the Obama administration spied on journalists and allies including Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel The left-wing attacks against Trump exposes the hypocrisy of Democrats and their media allies

Mar 1, 2017

In addition to Fake News, there are Fake Protests and Fake Social Media posts all designed to mislead Americans about President Trump and his policies for America.


Two left-wing advocacy groups, Organizing for Action and Indivisible, provided materials for activists to aggressively challenge Republican Congressmen during town hall meetings. 


The advocacy was successful in creating numerous news stories about "constituents" challenging Trump's policies including ObamaCare. 


Social media is also infected with fake profiles and comments. 


An analysis of Facebook posts by a digital expert concluded that a group of individuals is being paid to support ObamaCare on Facebook. 


In a recent interview, President Trump accused former President Obama of supporting the anti-Trump advocacy campaigns.