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In today's fast-paced news and political world, liberal buzz words often take the place of objective facts, in order to twist and bend talking points into reality. Deneen Borelli cuts through the rhetoric to give you a fresh and honest conservative take on the hot topics of the day.
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Jun 28, 2017
The obsession of Democrats and the left-wing media with the unsubstantiated claims regarding President Trump and associates colluding with Russia is backfiring.  

CNN retracted a news story that falsely claimed a Senate Committee was investigating a member of President Trump's transition team and three employees associated with the story resigned. 

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is under scrutiny and facing a Congressional investigation to find out if she tried to protect Hillary Clinton during her email investigation. 

Public opinion polls are finding Americans increasingly feel Democrats are extreme and almost two-thirds think the Russia investigations are harming the U.S. 

In this episode of "The Buzz," we are going to discuss the Russia story backfiring on Democrats and why it spells big problems for the left going forward. 


Jun 20, 2017

Last week a left-wing gunman attempted to assassinate Republican congressmen on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.


The gunman was a left-winger and a Bernie Sanders presidential campaign volunteer that harbored extreme negative feelings against Republicans and President Trump. 


Propaganda pushed by Democrats and the left-wing media about Republicans and their political agenda appeared to push the gunman over the edge. 


Tragically, following the attempted assassinations the left-wing media continues to attack Republicans.  


In this episode of "The Buzz," we discuss the shooting, why it happened, what’s needed to stop the madness and why, unfortunately, it’s not going to stop.

Jun 13, 2017
President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are making strides in draining the Washington D.C. swamp.

Both men initiated important steps to challenge the power and money in Washington.

Trump’s decision to fire James Comey as FBI head was important. 

Comey’s testimony showed his primary interest was in keeping his job and that he would do anything to do so.  

When Comey was pressured to change the label of the Hillary Clinton email investigation from an investigation to a “matter” he obeyed.

Comey also orchestrated a damaging New York Times story about Trump by leaking a memo of a conversation he had with the president.    

Attorney General Jeff Sessions took a major step in turning off funds that went to community activist groups. 
Sessions ended the practice where companies were required to send millions of dollars to non-profit organizations including community activist groups as part of settlements from federal lawsuits. 
It's a big swamp but Trump and Sessions have started the process to drain it. 





Jun 6, 2017
President Trump made a bold decision to have the U.S. exit the UN Paris Climate Change Agreement and 
kept a campaign promise to leave the deal that President Obama signed in 2016.

Despite significant pressure to remain in the international agreement, Trump made the decision to leave because it was

a bad deal for the U.S. 

Under the agreement, the U.S. committed to cut about 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 from 2005 levels while China does

not have to reduce emissions until 2030.  
Additionally, the U.S. agreed to provide $3 billion to a green climate fund to help developing nations meet their reduction limits. 
The regulations on our energy infrastructure required to meet the U.S. commitment would come at a huge cost to our economy and jobs. 
Trump's decision is consistent with his keep America first promise.